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Professional ASC Partners

NSP is a physician owned company, started by its owners to strengthen the position of independent physicians who are interested in having their own ASCs. We work with physicians whose goal is to have success outside of hospital-owned facilities. Our company’s success is driven by efficient, professional and dedicated staff focused on developing and managing high-quality, patient focused, surgery centers.

Healthcare Facility Development

We have strategic partnerships with industry-leading architects, contractors, and healthcare facility developers who are knowledgeable about the unique requirements of ambulatory surgery centers, surgical hospitals, HOPDs, Stand Alone Emergency Rooms, and other health care facilities. Whether you are undertaking a new project, renovation, or expansion, our team of experts can help you reach your operational and financial goals sooner and avoid pitfalls that can stall progress or increase costs in the facility development process, such as:
  • Overbuilding
  • Inefficient workflow design
  • Construction delays and costly change orders
  • Regulatory and accreditation roadblocks
  • Licensure challenges
  • Costly hiring mistakes for key positions.
Healthcare Facility Development
Healthcare Facility Management​

Healthcare Facility Management​


Managing the day-to-day operations of a surgical center can be a daunting challenge for even the most business-savvy physicians and ASC staff. Facing reimbursement challenges and ensuring quality care and patient satisfaction requires efficient execution at every level. Navigating these mission-critical tasks is key to the financial success of an ASC, whether it is a single or a multispecialty facility. NSP shoulders daily demands while guiding ASC owners through such decisions as whether to partner with a local hospital or hospital system; to associate with an ACO, or to recruit new physicians or specialists. Our combined experience and expertise helps an ASC avoid common pitfalls and costly mistakes.

Outpatient Surgical Hospital

Existing Outpatient Surgical Hospitals seek the same efficiencies and quality care long associated with ASCs. To accomplish those goals, ASC development and management companies are often sought after for their expertise in ensuring the availability of advanced treatment options and the delivery of excellent patient care.


Hospitals have realized the value of operating their Outpatient Departments with the same efficiencies as surgery centers and look to proven ASC management companies like NSP to manage those departments within the hospital setting.

Physician Practices & Site of Service

The NSP team has extensive experience in developing and managing physician practices and site of service facilities, including the conversion of office-based facilities to ambulatory surgery centers when appropriate.

Extended Recovery Care Centers

Technological advancements have made performing complex procedures in ambulatory surgery centers feasible. Spinal procedures, total joint replacements, and various bariatric surgical procedures are now possible in surgical center settings, often with the aid of an extended recovery center option. Excellent clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction have increased the demand for such arrangements.

Stand Alone Emergency Rooms

Freestanding Emergency Rooms are growing in popularity throughout the country in response to the growing number of dissatisfied patients visiting overburdened hospital emergency rooms. These healthcare facilities offer the highest quality of emergency medical care in state of the art facilities in numerous neighborhoods throughout the U.S.
Freestanding emergency rooms are revolutionizing the delivery of adult and pediatric emergency care for both major and minor issues. Facilities are fully equipped with diagnostic (CT, Ultrasound, and X-ray) and laboratory services.

Facility Optimization​

Vendor Contract Negotiations

The supplies and services required to maintain quality care can be costly, but failure to maintain proper inventory can prove even more so. Our team will assess your existing contracts and negotiate on your behalf to increase financial gains and reduce losses. Partnering with NSP grants your center access to our network of negotiated national pricing for supplies and services, including:
  • Evaluation and establishment of medical/surgical/pharmaceutical GPO and distributor relationships and other supply contracts.
  • Negotiation and implementation of all contracted services and ancillary agreements to include anesthesia, biomedical, linen, HVAC, hazardous waste and other necessary services
Facility Optimization​

What are the types of services provided in an Ambulatory Surgical Center?

In the past, surgeries were always performed in hospitals. Patients were to register the night before or on the day of the planned surgery and stay at least the following night. In recent decades, ASC Development has changed the way patients and healthcare professionals approach surgical needs and experiences. Ambulatory surgery centers have converted most

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Nexus Surgical Partners Add To Their ASC Solutions

Leading providers of turnkey solutions for surgical centers, Nexus Surgical Partners, announce the addition of new solutions to their offerings The team at Nexus Surgical Partners has reiterated their commitment to delivering the best possible solutions to help drive the success of surgical centers as the company recently added to the offerings. The company has

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Why You Need a Surgical Safety Checklist

To help ensure basic safety standards and improve patient care, the World Health Organization (WHO) prepared a surgical safety checklist in 2008 that, according to findings in more than 20 studies, has shown to dramatically improve patient outcomes when properly implemented. One study indicated a decrease of 47% in perioperative mortality and a second study

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FDA Warns of Infection Control Risks From Mattress Covers

In the last two years, the FDA has received 458 reports associated with medical bed mattress covers failing to prevent fluid ingress, posing a significant risk of infection to patients. The reports were filed between January 2011 and January 2013. In response, the agency has issued a Safety Communication to “Nurses, Caregivers, Infection Control Professional

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